Learning Energy

Learn to enrich your professional and personal life with energy work techniques, based on my four phase model of learning energy: discovery, awareness, healing and connection. The meditation and visualization techniques I offer in my workshops and individual coaching aim to guide you through this cycle. At the end, you will have powerful, personalized tools to create and maintain a higher degree of well-being and mental relaxation both at work and at home.

Learning about energy is like studying a new language. When you work with me in a workshop, course, or individual program you will learn techniques that you can immediately implement into your daily reality of teaching or managing educational staff (or working in other professions that require intensive interaction and exchange with people).

Typically, the process of integrating these techniques into your daily life follows the four phases of discovery, awareness, healing and connection.

Meditation and visualization techniques will help you to maintain a higher degree of physical and emotional well-being.


Learning about energy starts with discovering your biggest energy leaks: the situations, tasks and even types of people that drain you. You might suffer from lingering physical complaints such as tension in your neck, back and shoulders. I will gently guide you to tune into the emotional or physical reactions that signal your energy drains. These are your pitfalls when it comes to creating a state of harmony and well-being at school or in any other workplace. Once you’ve pinpointed them, or one of them to start with, you’re well on your way of creating a healthier work/home balance.


In this phase you become more aware of how your energy leaks or pitfalls influence your everyday professional and personal life. Where and when are you holding back, not living your full potential? What projects do you wish to start in your life, but just don’t seem to happen simply because you’re too tired or in lack of time? Using a range of coaching techniques, I will support you to reflect on such questions. You will start to see your personal patterns of limitation, which enables you to make profound and sustainable changes in your life.


Once you’re aware of your energy pitfalls and how they influence both your professional and personal life, you can start healing the limiting believes that are connected to these patterns. For example: when you’re highly triggered by students or educational staff questioning your authority, this could be related to the believe that as a teacher (or manager, parent etc.) you are not allowed to make mistakes. In this phase I will offer suitable emotional processing techniques that enable you to free yourself from that kind of burden or responsibility.


Healing those limiting believes will ultimately create more space to bring your full potential into practice. You will get to be the teacher (manager, or parent etc.) you truly wish to be, without experiencing the guilt of being anything less. From this state of connection, you will be able to teach, interact and accomplish your other tasks with more flow and ease. It reduces stress at work and at home, you will feel less overwhelmed. At some point you might discover a new energy leak or pitfall, which invites you to transition through the four phases of learning energy again. Once you have done that once though, it gets easier the next time around.