Learning from a healer in ancient Greece: the present benefits of visiting past lives.

By Christel Peek
Published on October 10, 2021

The first time I visited a past life, it blew my mind. I was a Wise Woman living in the sacred mountains of ancient Greece. People came to see me when they were ill or troubled and I had the ability to heal them with the touch of my hands. The people of that area loved and cherished me, until I became a scapegoat, as has been so often the case with people that operate from intuition. Something went wrong, a child died and they blamed me for it. I tried to get away but they haunted me down and chopped off my hands. It was horrible. They left me wounded, robbed of my one true power. I have visited many different lifetimes ever since. I have been a witch, a priestess, healer, shaman, midwife and many other things. I have been women, men, children, animals. Sometimes it was beautiful but in most cases I got punished for using my intuitive power. I have been killed, burned, raped and violated for it in my past lifetimes.

What’s the point of reliving such horrors, you might wonder? Well, the thing is that those memories were preventing me from finding true, deep happiness in this lifetime, because they prevented me from accessing my intuitive power in the here and now. I don’t blame myself for it, because it has been pretty scary to do so in the history of my soul. Somehow, I needed to find a way to let my subconscious know it is safe now. Visiting past lives has proven to be a very powerful healing tool on my personal path of transformation.

I deliberately choose the word ‘visiting,’ because it is truly a journey to access the experience of a past life. You can journey there through a state of trance, but sometimes your subconscious memory is triggered by a physical place or situation. This has happened to me, for example, when I was traveling to India. We were at the beach in Goa, but I couldn’t swim because I was having heavy menstrual bleedings. On top of that, I got severely sunburned the previous day so I was wearing clothes that completely covered me. As I was watching my friends having fun in the water, fully clothed and covered myself, I realized I had been there before in a similar situation. In that lifetime, I wasn’t allowed to swim because I was a woman and a servant, I was just there to watch the children of my employer. Processing that particular lifetime has really helped me to give myself permission to have more fun in life.

People often ask me if I really believe in past lives. In all honesty, despite having visited and processed numerous past lives myself, it’s still a mystery to me. There are theories about parallel realities that seem reasonable (I won’t get into them in this article). Sometimes I think those past lives stories are just a way of processing energy, that works well for me and my clients. Other times, however,  my subconscious comes up with historic details I really couldn’t have known (what Mongolian shamans dress like, for example). For now, my conclusion is that it’s not important to know if those past lives are ‘real’ and I’ll probably be pondering this question forever. Fact is, visiting past lives helps me to progress rapidly on my path of personal development. After I visited myself as the wounded mountain woman and told her that everything would be fine, she realized she didn’t really need her hands to execute her power. She found all the love and healing power she needed in her heart.

Afterwards, something similar happened with me in my present lifetime. I was doing physical reiki consults for clients at that time, but after processing my life as the Greek mountain woman, I felt the freedom to expand my healing toolkit with many other methods that didn’t include touching people. It brought my consultations to a whole new level and that always happens whenever I visit and process a past life.

It’s tempting to linger in the past, but when it comes to past life healing I think it’s crucial to always ground the experience in the here and now. What does that particular story want to tell you? What can you learn from it considering your life in the 21th century? As a facilitator of past life healing, I find it more important to adequately guide the experience rather than finding an answer to the question whether past lives are real or not. For me, it’s the result that matters, because it enabled me to expand my consciousness and psychic abilities, as it does for my clients.

Written by Christel Peek

I have been working in coaching and education for the past 13 years. I’m a licensed coach and teacher in vocational education, currently working part time with teenagers studying in the field of hospitality. Since I love education, I’ve decided to combine that passion with my spiritual work and have started teaching energy work skills, focusing on teachers and other (educational) professionals.
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