About Modern Magic Education

For the past few years I have been practicing healing, reading and energy work for clients alongside my job as a teacher and student coach. In 2020 it was time to shift that balance and I created Modern Magic Education to professionalize my spiritual work.

Soon I realized that this version of my company was only a first draft. Modern Magic Education 2.0 aims to marry my two passions (education and spirituality) into a solid offering of practical energy work teachings for (educational) professionals.

As a teacher, learning to work with energy for my own well-being has helped me so much to keep doing my work with flow and ease, despite the challenges we have been facing in education for the past years.

Energy work for well-being

Coaching students with a wide range of personal problems and learning disabilities has reinforced my conviction that our physical and emotional well-being are strongly related to our ability to understand energy, especially when you are highly sensitive to it.

Modern Magic Education is now a way for me to share these insights with fellow teachers and other (educational) professionals. Teachers (and people working in other professions that require caring for others, for that matter) have such important jobs to do. They deserve to operate from a state of peace and well-being. Mastering energy work techniques is the key to experience more ease and flow in your work and Modern Magic Education offers you a very practical, hands on approach to start learning.