Customized meditation workshop

Being a manager or team leader is a big responsibility. Besides the loved ones in your personal life, there is also this group of adults at work you're responsible for, probably expressing all kinds of different needs and wishes. It might be overwhelming at times, but you don't have to do it all by takes a village, right? Let me be part of your village and help you take care of your team and staff.

The energy level of your individual team members is crucial to a successful, happy and healthy work environment. In my in company meditation workshops, your colleagues will find a safe space to reload and recharge. We can connect the meditation to a specific theme or topic, suiting your team's needs and/or the company's annual calendar.

  • In company workshop
  • One 45 minute session facilitates max. 12 participants (bookings may include multiple sessions)
  • Variable duration or number of participants possible on request

Please contact me to discuss options, I would love to craft and customize something that will best serve you and your team members.