Energy coaching power session

Unresolvable problems with students, your team, clients: they are part of our everyday working life. That one student you just can't seem to reach, the client or colleague that triggers you to the bone...these are usually issues that require a solution beyond the rational and that is exactly where my power session will take you.

We will focus our session on one practical, specific situation or question of your choice. By means of guided meditation I will take you on a trance journey, traveling to a space where the overthinking mind will rest and surrender to the heart. A space where you will feel safe, loved and at home. Once you've felt it there, you will be able to take that state of mind back to your daily reality at work and take care of whatever issue is bothering you with much more ease and peace of mind. Works like a charm for your personal life too!

  • Online session or in person (location: Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • Focussing on one issue or specific situation of your choice
  • €53 (Online session, temporary offer)
  • Recording of the session on request to repeat the process yourself

Check the calendar below for availability and select a timeslot of your choice. You'll receive the link to our Zoom meeting directly. If you prefer to book an in person power session, please contact me to discuss your options and make an appointment.