The session with Christel helped me to find a feeling I was looking for, my intuition, to shape it myself. This is a new and very pleasant perspective! Tuning in to my coaching question sensitively, 'einfülsam,' she sees what I feel and where I'm at in her own way. She uses the images she gets to help me feel myself what it is that I need. It's coaching on the level of energy! It doesn't really feel very different, but as soon as I realized that I also noticed that I am more aware and some of my blockages were removed.

Teacher, Germany/The Netherlands

When I ride a horse I’m afraid to fall, or I think something will happen like bucking or rearing and I prefer to be on the sidelines, watching others ride horses. I ride, but I still feel blocked. I wanted to understand this blockage and even remove it, preferably. I managed to do that thanks to the session with Christel. With her warm voice she invited me to come along with her and descend into myself. I ended up in a dark stable, it was a change place for carriage and riding horses behind the inn, somewhere in the mountains. In the past that’s where they changed horses on long journeys and it was my task to take care of all those horses. I did that lovingly and that was the difficulty. I was allowed to take care of them, but that was it. I wasn’t allowed to ride them because I was a woman, only men were allowed to ride horses. In a past life I had to stay on the sidelines. In this life, nobody is stopping me although it still felt like that. Since the session with Christel I have ridden my horse three times and it was liberating. Before I felt insecure in canter, now I smile. I’m free, I’m allowed to ride! I’m so much less frightened, no more unreasonable fear. This life is mine and in this life I’m allowed to ride horses. A lot has changed already and I’m excited to see how it develops. I understand now why I was always sticking to the sidelines and why I felt that blockage, I was still carrying that feeling of not being allowed to ride. I have shaken off that feeling now. I’m grateful for Christel and her guidance, I could finally investigate my experiences and their roots. Thanks to her guidance I have been able to do things different, I would recommend it to everyone.

Janine Frie
Project manager, The Netherlands

When you work with Christel, you will realize there is more between heaven and earth. Her confidence and experience assured me that I was in good hands and I was safe while working during an ancestral healing with a dark spirit that has followed me for many years. I have followed Christel on her spiritual path and I am in awe of her powers and knowledge.

Jacqueline de Jong
Financial manager, The Netherlands

Christel teaches you how to work with energy in the Elemental Journey course. It's magical but also very practical, you can apply it in your daily life immediately. I work with crystals and essential oils, Christel showed me how to charge my crystals with extra power. She embodies spiritual energy and enables you to experience and allow it yourself too. The Elemental Journey course helped me a lot to bring flow back into my company.

Business coach and spiritual entrepeneur, The Netherlands

Christel is an amazing coach and trainer, a natural guide. I have attended her workshop and also had the privilege of a private session. Her knowledge is incredible and her intuition is spot on. She guided me with a journey that opened unexpected new insights. Christel's genuineness and pure feminine strength creates a safe environment to express myself fully. I can't recommend her enough.

Psychological astrologer, California (USA)

The workshop with Christel energized me. I felt so good at the end of it and I am now able to consciously connect to Mother Earth. Negative energy just flows away. I feel that I deal with my own energy levels more consciously now and I take time to have a moment of rest more often since the workshop.

Jolien van Schaik
Geriatric aide, The Netherlands

The workshop helped me to understand the vital role of energy in my life. It was the first time I participated in such a workshop and it was very important that Christel gave it. She is very knowledgeable and well qualified in this field, but most importantly her personality and social skills helped me to feel comfortable and open up. I think the role of the supervisor is key for any new spiritual experience. It is important to be led by persons who you trust and feel comfortable with. It is a process that you may feel vulnerable and exposed. I found it extremely helpful that Christel guided me and showed me the way.

Postdoc researcher and university teacher, Greece