The Energy of Education.

By Christel Peek
Published on April 30, 2022

We're back to teaching full classes without the 1,5 distance in vocational education! My heart goes out to the students that were quite happy learning in small groups or from home. I can tell they feel drained, having to spend a whole day with 27 (or more) others in a confined space again. I can tell they judge themselves for being too tired to join the fuss and fun of their extroverted classmates.

Maybe you were that child, suffering from headaches and fatigue at the end of a school day and maybe you still are...only you're the one in charge now. The energy of a full classroom can be overwhelming, even when you are perfectly in control. Merging the energy of 27 (or more) individuals into an attentive crowd is a huge thing! It requires you to be fully focused on their needs, their moods, their questions. That draws away attention from your own needs. All teachers forget to go to the toilet, drink enough water and have lunch in time, right?  As a teacher or educational professional, it's super important to take care of yourself too.

Taking into account the energetic aspect of education would be a great way to start doing just that. In other words: tuning in to your own needs, questions and mood every now and then will help you to do the important work you do with more ease and flow.

Written by Christel Peek

I have been working in coaching and education for the past 13 years. I’m a licensed coach and teacher in vocational education, currently working part time with teenagers studying in the field of hospitality. Since I love education, I’ve decided to combine that passion with my spiritual work and have started teaching energy work skills, focusing on teachers and other (educational) professionals.
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