Three simple ways to protect your energy at work.

By Christel Peek
Published on April 30, 2022

When you work as a teacher, like I do, or in any other profession that requires intensive interaction and exchange with other people for that matter, protecting yourself energetically is very important. It will help you to not feel drained at the end of your workday or burn out in the long run. Too many of those draining days will ultimately lead to more serious complaints, often difficult to explain or resolve. To protect your energy in a sustainable way requires skill, knowledge, and practice, but you can start tomorrow using any of these simple strategies:

1. When you put on your perfume or aftershave in the morning, image the scent surrounding you like a protective cloud. It can be as small or big as you want it to be. With your mind’s eye, imagine that cloud to be any color you like. It helps if you manage to recall this visualization every now and then throughout the day.

2. Carry a crystal with protective proprieties in your pocket, such as sodalite, labradorite or black tourmaline. Crystals carry specific vibrations with them, using that for protection is a great way to be supported in the important and demanding work that you do.

3. Create physical boundaries in your workspace. For example: if you have a desk in a busy office, create a little ‘wall’ with your personal items. It doesn’t have to be high or big, simply placing little things such as pencils, ring binders or a picture of your loved ones on the edge of your desk will energetically mark your personal space in the office.

Written by Christel Peek

I have been working in coaching and education for the past 13 years. I’m a licensed coach and teacher in vocational education, currently working part time with teenagers studying in the field of hospitality. Since I love education, I’ve decided to combine that passion with my spiritual work and have started teaching energy work skills, focusing on teachers and other (educational) professionals.
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